Cooperation Between Traditional Cheongsam and Computer Embroidery Machine

Update:28 Apr 2021

Cheongsam is the traditional clothing of Chinese women. It doesn't just stop on traditional fabrics or single cotton and linen cloth in the past. The customization of the modern cheongsam is more colorful than in the past. Designers like to add different embroidery customization to the cheongsam according to the style, which adds a lot of artistry and uniqueness to the female cheongsam.

From ancient times, when technology was not developed, people would choose artificial embroidery on cheongsam fabrics for embellishment. Although manual embroidery is exquisite, it takes too long to meet the requirements of the cheongsam embroidery market.

Modern cheongsam embroidery factories will choose to use advanced computerized embroidery machines to complete the production of cheongsam embroidery. The fineness of embroidery per unit area of ​​advanced embroidery machines is far greater than that of manual embroidery, and the color matching of machine embroidery is flexible, so the colors can be richer and more complex, picture is more vivid, and it is more creative and artistic.

For high-end cheongsam embroidery customization, manual embroidery is not used because of the different patterns on the cheongsam. The embroidery is expensive, time-consuming and laborious. The unique artistic experience of machine embroidery further demonstrates the extraordinary taste of the wearer. There are also a few high-end cheongsam embroidery customizations, which can be embroidered on the collar. The design is unique and ingenious, which is amazing.

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