Why Choose An Embroidery Machine?

Update:28 Aug 2020

Embroidery machines are the product of modern scientific and technological progress, which can replace most artificial embroidery. It has the advantages of stable quality, high efficiency, low cost, and mass production.

The main functions and performance of the embroidery machine are determined by: the number of heads, the head distance, the number of stitches, the maximum stroke of the embroidery frame in the X and Y directions, the electronic control system, and the manufacturer's brand. The number of heads is the number of machine heads working at the same time during embroidery, which determines the efficiency of the embroidery machine; the head distance is the distance between two adjacent heads, which determines the size and cost of a single embroidery or cycle embroidered by the embroidery machine ; The number of needles is the number of single needles installed in each head of the embroidery machine. It determines the maximum number of color changes and the color of the embroidery when the embroidery machine embroiders. The maximum stroke of the embroidery frame in the X and Y directions determines the embroidery machine. The size of the embroidered product; the electronic control system. At present, the electronic control operating system of domestic embroidery machines mainly includes Dahao electronic control, Yida electronic control, Fuyi electronic control, Shanlong electronic control, etc. Different manufacturers' brands correspond to embroidery machines of different quality, service and professionalism.

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