What Are The Advantages of Sequins Embassy Machine?

Update:03 Jun 2021

Sequins engraving machine adopts a variety of sequins feeding flower plates/feeding cams/needle swinging flower plates with unique design, and sewing sequins presents various patterns and effects. The mechanical design of sequin embroidery machine makes sewing more stable, smooth and durable. Its main uses are thin/medium-thick fabrics, clothing, curtains, tablecloths and other sequins decoration, etc. Generally, special sequin embroidery machines have long service life, are not easy to wear, and are efficient and stable.

Generally, a special sequin embroidery machine places a sequin on the fabric along the specified direction, and at the same time, the embroidery needle penetrates into the fabric at the center of the sequin to fix the sequin position, and then takes this as the center to stab several needles back and forth along the outer edge of the sequin to wrap the sequin and make it cling to the fabric. The embroidery needles of the special sequin embroidery machine move at the same time and cooperate with the embroidery frame to finish the sequin movement, in order to ensure high embroidery quality.

Advantages of Zhiyu sequin embroidery machine:

1, suitable for flat embroidery+sequin models;

2. New fork feeding mode;

3. Realize single/double needle combined embroidery with two kinds of film feeding methods;

4. Support multi-sequin embroidery function (including single needle and double gold pieces, three gold pieces and four gold pieces);

5. Embroidery sequins range from 3 mm to 9 mm;

6. Sequin embroidery has a high speed of 850 rpm;

7. The sequin embroidery and film feeding mechanism start and fall independently;

8. Manually separate or concentrate on single film delivery;

9. The working status of sequins embroidery is displayed separately;

Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has an experienced and professional team, which is capable of designing, researching and manufacturing sewing and embroidery machine with different specifications,multi-purpose and multi-functions.