The purchase of second-hand embroidery machine

Update:30 May 2020

The broken line rate, rate of broken needle embroidery: according to their request, first look atsecond-hand embroidery machine breaking ratio. Broken needle ratio, the less the better. In fact,the embroidery machine after so many years of development of this problem has been the fundamental processing.

The effect of shear line, and under the off-line rate: This is the chronic and stubborn diseasetroubled years of domestic embroidery machine. Effect is good, suitable for cutting length is pretty neat, embroidery, finishing. Embroidery workers can reduce the cost, otherwise the working efficiency will be greatly. This is our Forte Po Lun embroidery machine.

M, satin stitch: test m roughness, density, and whether there is a gloss, good lubrication, handembroidery m second-hand locomotive light reflective, flat embroidery on both sides, line average,strong luster sensation, stereo sense is strong, winding smooth, warm clothes.

While poor embroidery locomotive m rough, dull, flat embroidery embroidery shrink seriously, lead to large deformation, pinhole, bilateral uneven, some good and some bad influence to the quality ofembroidery, car goods determinedly, feel poor.

The size of the pinhole shrinkage test method: the use of leather materials to embroider with flower will know. In addition, the compliance check is embroidery machine. Because every factory may daystitch data will be different, so the request of embroidery machine has greater compliance. For example cars organza and supplementary material is large, some day he sent more than 280 dollars a day, meet the eye everywhere and the difference of dozens of pieces of money.