The Function of The Double-Head Multi-Purpose Computerized Embroidery Machine

Update:27 May 2021

The double-head multi-purpose computerized embroidery machine is a high-end compact computerized embroidery machine launched by Zhuji Zhiyu Seiko. This model is suitable for embroidery proofing, small-batch embroidery processing, personalized embroidery customization and other fields. It integrates flat embroidery, ready-to-wear embroidery, cap embroidery, tube embroidery, and shoe embroidery into one, instantly changing product.

The main function:

1. LCD8.0 inch color LCD display, touch control operation. Various functions at a glance

2. Built-in English, Spanish, Arabic and multiple languages ​​to adapt to multiple environments in the world, and support language customization.

3. Integrating multi-functions into one, easy to switch between flat embroidery, garment (tube embroidery), cap embroidery/tube embroidery, etc.

4. Garment embroidery (tube type) is equipped with a variety of embroidery frame sizes to be changed at will, and the large installation embroidery frame is 300*400mm.

5. Cap embroidery (tube type) can support 360-degree embroidery. The cap embroidery frame is made of carbon fiber material, making embroidery more convenient.

6. High degree of intelligence, with broken thread detection, automatic thread trimming, fault alarm, intelligent patching, power-off protection, etc.

7. Use the USB interface to quickly read patterns, support DST, ask, expand other formats without being restricted by embroidery formats.

8. Large memory 20 million stitches/1000 patterns (support for larger expansion), independent chip to ensure stable pattern signal

9. Built-in pattern editing menu, with intelligent pattern processing functions, editing functions such as rotation and zooming.

10. There are three color-changing methods: automatic, semi-automatic and manual, and a single pattern supports more than 1000 color-changing operations

11. Support a variety of embroidery scheme customization, sequins, simple towels, simple rope embroidery and other multi-functional combinations

12. Adopt stepping motor to cut thread/hook thread, stable thread length can be adjusted, low thread drop rate, no bird's nest.

13. The main motor adopts an ac servo motor, which can handle all kinds of thick material embroidery.

14. Built-in fault remote analysis system, automatic fault warning alarm. No worries.

15. The embroidery frame is driven by imported high-speed linear guide rails to maximize the accuracy of the embroidery

16. Using a high-precision subdivided stepping motor, moving frame operation accuracy is 0.1mm/p

Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. has an experienced and professional team, which is capable of designing, researching and manufacturing sewing and embroidery machine with different specifications, multi-purpose and multi-functions.


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