How to Use A Taping Embroidery Machine?

Update:19 May 2021

The embroidery machine is a kind of embroidery machine. Most of the embroidered patterns on backpacks and bags are made by embroidery machines. I will introduce how to use a taping embroidery machine.

First, input the data into the machine, adjust the approximate starting position, and then clear it to determine whether the position setting is appropriate. If appropriate, go directly back to the original point, exit idling, and then click "Direct Embroidery" to start.

After the machine is running, it is necessary to empty the empty lock cylinder below in time for later use. After connecting two or three lock cylinders without threads, you can embroider to the bottom position and then suspend the machine and replace all the lock cylinders. Then rewind the changed lock cylinder and repeat the process.

The most important thing to pay attention to at work is to disconnect. When online for a short time, the smart machine will light up and the machine will stop automatically. Then, after re-threading, push the rod and the machine will naturally continue to run.

Also, pay attention to whether the colored lines on the top are about to run out. If it is almost used up, connect it from the source, then pull out a new thread and pierce it again. If you don’t notice that the line is almost running out, you need to punch a hole and hang it up a bit. If the winding is wrong, the machine usually stops automatically.

The splint is also very tiring. First, you need to place a layer of the backing paper on the frame and fix it. Then spread the cloth and fix it. This is done at the same time as entering the data. You can only enter the data once at a time, and you must fix it again every time the pattern is embroidered in the frame.

Finally, remind everyone that the machine should be oiled once a day and twice a day to help the machine run better so that it is not easy to interrupt the production line and improve work efficiency.