Features of High Speed Computerized Embroidery Machine

Update:17 Jun 2021

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, computerized sewing machine has more and more advanced functions and wider application range, and it has become an important branch of the embroidery industry. High-speed fully automatic computerized embroidery machine, compact structure, large operating space, high work efficiency, strong sewing ability, etc., is favored by customers at home and abroad. In addition to the clothing industry, it is also widely used in leather, luggage, and shoes. In industries such as hats, the application range of the round-head computerized embroidery machine has jumped out of the textile and apparel embroidery industry, and expanded to a wider range of industries, creating a precedent for the domestic embroidery machine manufacturing industry.

The high-speed full-automatic computerized embroidery machine ranges from 1 head to 43 heads, to 88 heads, from 3 needles to 12 needles, and various sizes and hundreds of models, all of which can adapt to all kinds of thin and thick materials, yarns , Polyester thread, metal thread embroidery, multi-function, multiple styles, one machine for multiple purposes, there are dozens of combined computer embroidery models, towel embroidery, sequin embroidery, tape embroidery and other computer embroidery machines; flat embroidery and sequin embroidery Combination machines, flat embroidery and taping embroidery combined machines, flat embroidery and sequin embroidery plus taping embroidery combined machines have greatly enriched the use range of computerized embroidery machines and expanded the application space, including extremely complex and special craft embroidery products. Production can meet its requirements.

Features of Computerized Embroidery Machine

1. The embroidery machine is easy to operate and has strong system compatibility

The computerized embroidery machine adopts the domestic advanced Dahaoxin embroidery control system (high-resolution color large-screen LCD display), which can dynamically digitally track and display the pattern when embroidering, and the operation is simple and convenient.

2. Accurate and reliable main drive system of embroidery machine

The computerized embroidery machine adopts bearings to make the main drive run more accurately and the performance is more stable.

3. The embroidery machine has high embroidery accuracy

The computerized embroidery machine uses high-precision key accessories such as Desheng rotary hook or Japanese imported rotary hook, linear drive, Italian McGaudi belt, etc., which greatly improves the accuracy of embroidery.

4. Embroidery machine disconnection detection, power-off protection and recovery functions

The computerized embroidery machine has power-off protection and power-off recovery functions, and intelligent thread-break detection functions. It can automatically return to the embroidering start or stop point to prevent embroidering leakage and ensure extremely high embroidery quality.

5. High-capacity embroidery machine

As the computerized embroidery machine greatly reduces the downtime caused by color change, thread breakage, etc., the machine productivity has been greatly improved.

6. Cost-effective embroidery machine

The computerized embroidery machine has efficient corporate management and pays great attention to every detail in the production process of the embroidery machine, which makes our products have a higher cost performance compared with the counterparts, which is an ideal choice for customers.

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