Briefly Introduce The Functional Characteristics of Embroidery Machines

Update:10 Jun 2021

What is the operation and explanation of the computerized embroidery machine?

The operation and explanation of the computerized embroidery machine has the following 5 steps:

1. First, input the data into the machine, adjust the approximate starting position, and go empty first to determine whether the position setting is appropriate. If appropriate, go back to the original point directly, exit the idling, and click "Direct Embroidery" to start.

2. After the machine is running, it is necessary to re-wind the empty lock core below in time to prepare it for a while. After connecting two or three lock cylinders without thread, you can suspend the machine and replace all the lock cylinders after embroidering to the bottom position. Then re-wind the changed lock core and repeat the process.

3. The most important thing to pay attention to in this job is disconnection. The place where the machine is a bit smarter is that the light will be turned on in a short time, and the machine will automatically stop. Then after you re-thread the thread, push the lever and the machine will naturally continue to run.

4. Also pay attention to whether the colored lines on the top are about to run out. If it is nearly used up, connect it from the source, then pull out the new thread and re-pierce it. If you don’t notice that the thread runs out, you need to perforate and hang the thread a little bit, which is very troublesome and can’t make mistakes. If the winding is wrong, the machine will often stop automatically.

5. The splint is also very tiring. First, you need to lay a layer of backing paper on the frame and fix it. Then spread the cloth and fix it. This is done at the same time as the input data. However, the data is only input once, and this must be fixed again after the embroidering of the pattern in the frame.

The main features are as follows:

1. Excellent operability. Most of this machine adopts keyboard operation, and the use of corresponding processing software makes embroidery work simple and easy to master.

2. It has strong editing and storage functions. The use of the computer enables the embroidery machine to memorize nearly a hundred patterns, and the number of memorized needles reaches hundreds of thousands of needles. If the user needs, additional expansion configurations can be added to meet different needs.

3. Perfect control system. The application of a variety of advanced automatic control technologies makes the embroidery machine have excellent speed regulation performance, and the spindle can obtain stepless change in speed; after one pattern is embroidered, it will automatically repeat the embroidery at the next position according to the instructions given. This pattern can be embroidered automatically and repeatedly; when the embroidery exceeds the embroidery range, the machine will automatically stop to protect the frame; when the machine fails, the operation panel will display the wrong head shape and notify the failure.

For details, please contact: embroidery machine manufacturer.